How It Works

Why Choose Aligners?

Our 3D printing & Scanning technology ensures an optimised design for align precision treatment. We have our team of orthodontists & technicians to provide a world class, high quality & eminent product.

What kind of cases can be treated with aligners?

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Deep bite
  • Proclamatio
  • Retroclination
  • Periodontally compromised cases
  • Short clinical crown cases lination
  • Bridges / Implants in posterior segments
  • High cares index cases

Partnership with you

We partner with you in planning the case, customising it based on your requirements. Backed by an in-house expert team of orthodontics, we propose the test possible plan which us bio mechanically sound & at the same time practically possible to achieve

  • No hidden cost or surprise
  • Dedicated customer relationship manager
  • Mid cover review & correction if needed
  • Replacement of damaged lost digner at anomina lost
  • Flexible delivery options of taking the complete batch in one go or in sets of 3 months
  • Pre-post treatment record
  • Effective manufacturing process & quality control
  • Online ingent of entire case